If you are looking for the best shirts for sublimation printing or sublimation transfers

What is the best shirt for sublimation

If you are looking for the best shirts for sublimation printing or sublimation transfers, then polyester shirts or polyester blend t-shirts are what you should be looking for. What is the best shirt for sublimation.

These fabrics have the capacity to take on the dye used in sublimation transfers and are what will give you that eye-catching look. One of the top brands is Jerzees 21M which is made from 100 percent polyester, making them durable and ideal for vibrant printing that doesn’t fade out after a few washes.

For many t shirt printing projects, sublimation is often the best choice. Knowing how to choose the best shirts for sublimation – and how to make sure your products come out perfectly every time – is essential for a successful outcome. With my years of experience in t shirt printing, I am here to share my thoughts on this topic so you know exactly what works well.

When it comes to selecting shirts for sublimation, there is nothing like 100% polyester as it produces vivid colors that stand out. Even when it comes to blends with some cotton content, you can still have great results as long as they have enough polyester.

Also, while blending in a bit of cotton helps create super soft t shirts, it would be wise to limit them because the combination could result in certain areas not taking the dye well. Taking all these tips into consideration, you can easily pick the shirts that will ensure perfect prints every time!

The Best Shirts For Sublimation

For the most brilliant and vibrant designs, polyester garments are your go-to for sublimation printing. White shirts will make colors appear dazzlingly vivid but you can still produce eye catching results on darker hues – as long as they’re made out of polyester!

what are best shirts for sublimation

Sublimation ink creates dazzling, eye-catching designs – but only if it’s used on the right kind of fabric. Cotton or rayon might look great to start with, but without proper care and maintenance you’ll soon see your vibrant design fading away. It takes a special blend to ensure those colors remain bold.

If you want a more timeless, weathered effect for your design, consider cotton shirts or even their blended counterparts. The muted colors and fatigued texture of these garments create an elegantly faded look that will certainly give any outfit an added vintage flair.

When using sublimation dye, be aware that the design might not stay put as easily; cotton shirts may require more maintenance to maintain your designs compared to a pure polyester shirt.

Polyester shirts offer incredible advantages to make your business stand out with high quality. Their soft feel and lasting durability make them perfect for sublimation prints, while giving customers a great experience that links back to your brand. Poly is truly an all-around fantastic choice.

The Best Colors For Sublimation

When selecting shirts for your sublimation design, be sure to pay attention not only to the style and fit of the garment but also its color. For beautiful results that stand out from a crowd, try opting for light- or white-colored apparel instead of bold shades – these will make it much easier for you to achieve an effective print.

best 3  colours for sublimation

The ability to print your own custom designs onto t-shirts is great – however, it’s important to remember there are limitations. The primary colors used by sublimation printers mean no white ink can be created; the only way for whites or lighter shades in a design is through leaving that area of the shirt free from printing.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching design, white shirts may not be the way to go. Without them, any negative space in your image will stand out as a color of whatever shirt they choose instead – potentially throwing off some designs if it’s blue! Carefully consider what colors are best suited before moving forward with production.

Many people don’t realize that some shirt colors may not be suitable for sublimation dyeing. Before going through the process, you should always check how your chosen garment responds to heat by testing it in a professional grade heat press – bright and bold hues can quickly fade or darken when exposed to high temperatures! Make sure you pick one specifically designed for this purpose so your design looks perfect every time.

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Which Brands Should You Choose For Sublimation?

There’s no shortage of ways to up your style game – why not start with a chic polyester shirt? With countless brands offering trendy looks, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of fashion and comfort.

Jerzees 21M

The Jerzees 21M provides a perfect canvas for sublimation printing, with its crisp white base and ultra-soft polyester material. It’s lightweight yet durable – making it an ideal choice for creating comfortable garments that look fantastic.

This company produces a diverse selection of tees with customizable options, such as long sleeves. Featuring 100% polyester material, all garments are guaranteed to be both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable – providing an unbeatable combination for quality fashion.

Next Level 6200

Step up your fashion game with the Next Level 6200 shirt. Its combination of 35% ring-spun cotton and high-quality polyester fabric gives this staple a luxurious softness while still retaining great printability for any design you choose to put on it! It’s an ideal option if you’re looking to flaunt some style in comfort.

Gildan 42000

When choosing a shirt for your promotional needs, you can go with Gildan and their 42000 model. The 100 percent polyester fabric is of high quality, offering multiple color options to show off your unique style. Its affordability makes it an ideal choice when buying in bulk – create eye-catching designs at the right price.

A4 N3142

Looking for high-quality activewear? The N3142 is the perfect choice – its moisture-wicking and odor resistance properties make it an ideal shirt for those who are constantly on the go. Not only does this fashionable piece provide ultimate comfort, but also ensures that you can stay cool while pursuing all your favorite activities.

Team 365 TT11

This affordable alternative to the Jerzees 21M combines 100% polyester with a soft cotton feel. Ideal for sublimation printing, you can choose your perfect hue and bring out spectacular colors in your desired image.


What Happens If You Sublimate On A Blended Shirt?

Before you start printing sublimation images onto fabrics, it’s important to inspect the labels for their polyester content. High-poly shirts will yield vibrant prints with a printer; however, if there is not enough of this fabric constituent present in the material then your image won’t turn out as expected! Be sure to double check before starting.

Visual distortions can happen if you’re not careful with your composition, resulting in an unwelcome hazy or worn-out look. Avoid this by utilizing thoughtful adjustments to ensure the desired outcome.

Can You Sublimate On Cotton Shirts?

Sublimation printing, available for polyester fabrics only, won’t work with cotton t-shirts. The sublimation dyes are unable to bond properly on the fabric and your efforts will be in vain; you’ll find that those vibrant colors just don’t take.

When it comes to designs on fabric, cotton-polyester blends are the way to go! The perfect mix of quality and durability that you’re looking for can be found with a 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester ratio – after all, too much or two little of either ingredient could yield unsatisfactory results. With this blend you’ll get crisp prints that last longer than if printed on pure cotton garments.

Can You Wash Sublimated Shirts?

Sublimation shirts make a bold statement – not only with their vivid designs, but also with their enduring quality! They are designed to shine brightly and stay sharp for as long as possible until the shirt is no longer wearable. Owning one means you’ll enjoy its vibrant appearance for many wears to come.

Be mindful that if you have selected a blended-material fabric, the first wash may cause some of its colors to fade away. This is due to cotton fibers not being compatible with dye and there’s no avoiding it; be sure to inform your customers or pre-wash shirts accordingly.


The best sublimation t-shirts are therefore polyester ones, but you can use a blended garment if you prefer. Be aware that your image may lose a little of its sharpness, and may not last as long, because only some of the shirt’s fibers will hold the dye. Don’t use less than 65 percent polyester shirts, or you’ll find they don’t look good.

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